5 Blogs to Boost Your Personal Finances in 2021

2020 has been a year (to say the least), and after witnessing the economic instability created by a global pandemic, there’s more reason than ever to improve your personal finances in 2021.

Things like emergency funds, savings accounts, and appropriate asset allocations for your investments (no matter how big or small) provided steady ground in a turbulent year.

If you didn’t have those things, or wished they were more substantial to help you weather another storm, now is the time to set new goals and work towards achieving them so that you can obtain more financial security.

However, with thousands of personal finance blogs in the world, it can be challenging to determine which ones will point you in the right direction. So, to help you cut through the noise, here are 5 personal finance blogs (in no particular order) that provide specific steps, strategies, and mindsets to improve your finances in 2021.

FI stands for Financial Independence, and ChooseFI makes the case for pursuing financial independence while providing actionable recommendations to help you achieve it. If you’re new to the idea of financial independence or want to learn strategies to get you there, this is a great blog to regularly read.

Get Rich Slowly is one of the first successful personal finance blogs ever launched. It all started in 2006 when author J.D. Roth recognized his $35,000 in debt wasn’t leading him to the life he wanted to live. As a result, he crafted a plan to pay off his debt and accumulate wealth. Today, the blog houses thousands of helpful posts about how to earn, save, and invest your money to achieve your personal finance goals.

Afford Anything drops knowledge right from the get-go. You can afford anything, but you can’t afford everything, so what’s it going to be? Written by author Paula Plant, Afford Anything features the steps and strategies that she used to achieve Financial Independence at an early age. It’s easy to follow, and is sprinkled with good humor.

Dave Ramsey is one of the biggest names in personal finance, and for good reason. He teaches a process to help you take control of your money that is built around seven baby steps. The steps provide a simple, straight-forward, and no-frills path to financial security. The Dave Ramsey Blog is filled with practical advice on how to manage your money, and a great place to double down on your personal finance journey.

Like many Americans, Julien and Kirsten were in significant debt (to the tune of $200,000). With the weight of the monthly payments feeling heavier and heavier, they set out on a journey to pay off their debt over five years. Their blog, Rich & Regular provides a great family view into running a household with sound personal finance practices.

Bonus: Best Up and Coming Personal Finance Blog

Examined Wealth provides a fresh perspective in the personal finance world. The purpose of Examined Wealth is to help you build your financial wealth and personal wealth in a balanced fashion so that you’re empowered to live a more fulfilled, purposeful, and rich life every day. The theme makes it clear that we only have one life to live, and there is no telling how long it will last, so he suggests we build our personal wealth and financial wealth simultaneously so that we can live genuinely rich lives.

Start Working on Your Personal Finances Today!

Moving on from the pandemic will be challenging, and we still have a long road in front of us, but now is the time to hit reset as best as you can in your personal finance life to start working towards a more stable and secure future for yourself and your loved ones.

Cheers to you and your success in 2021!



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John Suttons

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